Case Study: Batch Burgers & Espresso

Holy Cow! was approached with the task of creating a fun, unique and memorable brand for the new venture for a pair of Sydney-based entrepreneurs.

Having successfully established Batch No. 1, a small coffee bar in downtown Sydney, David and Nok Smith came to us with the intention of creating a second Batch with a difference: coffee and burgers.

The result is Batch Burgers & Espresso—a cosy, American diner-esque café and coffee bar with a modern twist situated in Kirribilli, Sydney.

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Working collaboratively with Giant Design, who were responsible for the interior design, Holy Cow! developed the Batch brand—a vibrant, 1950s-inspired experience that stands out from the crowd and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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The graphics—all hand-drawn—and gingham-clad styling take their inspiration from American culture during the fifties, complete with tongue-in-cheek visual puns that are scattered liberally throughout all material, from the takeaway bags to the placemat menus.

We were also able to flex our copywriting muscles to develop the brand messaging that satirises the corny lingo of the time, epitomised by the Batch tagline: You’ll Flip Over our Burgers.

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Giant Design, with big plans for such a small store, fitted out the interior with a big red counter, adjustable bar stools and the black and white checkered floor that is so typical of American diners.

Holy Cow! was responsible for the design of all signage, from the innovative mirror and ‘Batch Favorites’ menu boards to the huge neon sign that attracts copious passersby to come and take a closer look.

This has been an absolutely fantastic brand to work on and we are looking forward to a bunch more Batch in the future. Let the good times roll!