Case Study: Wolfie

Holy Cow! were commissioned to develop the naming, branding, interiors, environmental design and website for a new children’s wear boutique, fashion label and online store in Canberra.


Holy Cow! created the naming and brand identity around a central character – Wolfie.

The brief demanded that the new, multi-channel retail brand appeal to all children, including the often overlooked 8 to 12 year old ‘tween’ market.

Holy Cow! captured Wolfie’s brand personality of playfulness, adventure, individuality and clumsy coolness with the development of the central character of an illustrated wolf who appeals to children and adults of all ages, especially the tween market. See more…

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The Wolfie brand was then developed into a retail store design, including interior design, retail display, signage and environmental graphics.

The wolf character present in many traditional fairy tales informed the overall approach to the store environment. This centres around a hand-crafted tree trunk installation by local Canberra craftsman, Scott Mitchell. This distinctive, woodland ambience is also supported by a saw-cut wooden floor and forest detailing.

A collection of old wares and collectables including a German cuckoo clock and hand-wrapped deer antlers, along with large format environmental graphics add elements of fairy-tale whimsy to support the overall theme.

The floor plan is designed to allow adults to browse while children play safely in the outdoor ‘woods’ or read a story on the story book throne beneath a hand-made, story book sculpture commissioned for the store and made from vintage illustrated animal encyclopaedia.

The external windbreaks and the illuminated exterior signage create essential street presence and impact to their secluded terrace location and provide two distinct customer recreation zones – the play area and a seating area which can be used for mother’s groups, craft workshops and children’s parties. See more…

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Website and motion graphics

The Wolfie website conveys the brand’s distinctive personality through the use of illustration and animation, using the latest technology in jQuery and CSS3. It provides an innovative user experience through the use of a single-page, vertical scrolling feature.

The online store carries through the design of the main website and integrates with Wolfie’s point-of-sale software to seamlessly manage sales, inventory and reporting.

A short animated movie on the homepage introduces Wolfie, and explains the use of the red and white striped graphic background used throughout the visual identity and retail store design.

This promotional piece was created using a combination of digital and hand-crafted elements, and set to the score of a remix of Tahiti Hungry Jungle by the Italian duo, Dumbo Gets Mad to create a glorious 20 second romp through the world of Wolfie.

Wolfie was a dream project for us and we enjoyed every minute of it! From the very first brainstorming session to find the perfect name (hello, Wolfie!), to getting down and dirty in the studio with rubber stamps and hundreds of metres of string, this was the perfect expression of our combined skills and talents, as well as our hearts and our souls.

Everyone in the Holy Cow! team contributed to this project in some way and being nominated for several design awards for various elements along the way was a wonderful outcome.

Wolfie…we will always love you – you funny, cheeky, norty little guy.