Introducing The Social Media Series

As a digital agency, we are often asked about the role that social media can play in business, for both start-ups and established businesses. We are also often asked about the differences between each social media platform and which ones would be best suited to their business.

The term, ‘social media’ can often cause fear in the hearts and minds of those organisations that have not yet embraced it, and can cause confusion for those businesses who are participating but are not receiving the results they had hoped for.

Some of our clients have been fearful of negative comments if they do get on board and are unsure of which platforms are right for them. Others whom have already taken the plunge are often concerned that the results are lack-lustre and often hit and miss.

Our response is always the same – develop a social media strategy.

To help you to better understand each social media platform and how they can benefit your business we are very pleased to launch The Social Media Series – a collection of articles which we hope will demystify this ever-growing and constantly evolving online network.

In this series, we will cover social media strategy and keep you up to date with the world’s most popular social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will also outline content marketing, the rules of engagement, driving customer experience and lots more.

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Introducing the first of the series


If you would like to showcase your business on social media but you are unsure of the best way forward, or if you are already on board and are not receiving the results you had hoped for, before you go any further it is essential to develop a social media strategy.

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Facebook, the world’s most popular social media platform, is in a constant state of change. When we’ve just gotten our heads around a major update, they throw another one into the mix…Here are some insights that will most likely affect the way you manage your business page.

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